Tessa Lee: Technical Artist

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Never Ending Story

So I'm finishing up this Spring quarter at the Art Institute and summer break will soon be upon us!

Oh, but I won't be idle.  Like I had mentioned in my last post, I'll be working with my team for the NaGaDeMo for the first two weeks of summer break.  We'll see how far that project goes and hopefully we can produce something portfolio worthy.

Speaking of portfolio, looks like I'll be moving up again next quarter.  Which means I've got to get my stand built for portfolio review (I'll see you there) and major updates to my website.

I've gathered some constructive criticism and critiques regarding my website, so big changes to my site will be underway starting in the Summer quarter.  Changes will include an overall style pass on the banners, background, and icons, some layout revamping, and definitely some content updates and additions for new projects and games.

If you're following my blog or twitter, you may have noticed that my blog is now being powered through blogger.  I didn't mind editing a static, html blog, it's just that I wanted the ability for readers to comment, vote, and whatnot.  Why reinvent the wheel, right?