Tessa Lee: Technical Artist

Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 GA/GI Festival

The 2013 Geek Art / Green Innovation (GA/GI) Festival was held this weekend in Pittsburgh.  I had my computer system set up at the Most Wanted Fine Art gallery, and ready for passers-by to come play the game, Cell, that was developed by team No Brow at the Global Game Jam earlier this year.

Cell posters hung up inside the Most Wanted Fine Arts museum.

You can download and play the game from my website.  These are the three beautiful poster designs that came to fruition:

Cell Poster Design 1:  Victory Whitecell      |    Cell Poster Design 2:  Infected Whitecell

Cell Poster Design 3:  Environment Concept Art

The artwork was created by our Concept team, Katherine McLellan-Benedict and Amanda Wallenhorst.  I compiled the artwork into poster formats.  Each poster is 18" by 12", and will be for sale on my website soon!