Tessa Lee: Technical Artist

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Leveled Up!

May 3rd was the "Building Virtual Worlds" event at the Entertainment Technology Center.  There were so many games available, some of the more memorable ones for me being Raily Tricky, Battle Lines, Chase, and a few more.  I had so much fun that I got all of the available buttons from the game that traveled inside a human body to defeat an infection and all of the yellow and blue pins from Battle Lines.  Those character models were simply adorable.  Raily Tricky had a great presentation and game concept.  I enjoyed playing the Chasing game as well; the set up was unique.  The game whose story revolved around Fudge was unequally hilarious.

The project I worked on, the Bridge, wasn't available at the start of the event.  My instructor, Ruth, described the game we made as a bust, but I agree with her statement when she mentioned that the work we put into it was still a great demonstration on the provided challenges and potential that the Bridge has.  For my portfolio, I created a short splash video that shows off the interface interaction that I worked on with the Bridge (some camera work was done by my friend, Thomas Underwood).  I'll be uploading a finalized version of the video shortly, so keep an eye out for it!

Another new piece of content I added to my portfolio is a splash video of my work with a group project called Camel Ship.  The team was Space Camels made up of Ryan Allgeier, Luther Loomis, Tomas DeBenedetto, and myself.  My job on the team was programming and engine work in this single player UDK map.  Although I've been having issues with uploading to YouTube lately, so the video isn't view-able online just yet.  I think I may be making a Vimeo account soon if this trend keeps up.

So a lot of work has been wrapping itself up in this past week, but that doesn't mean I’m done and ready to hand it all in.  I still have plenty of content to get polished so I can turn it in for the quarter - and hopefully that’ll mean I graduate!