Tessa Lee: Technical Artist

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Work Before Play

So it is currently between the second and third week of school and a lot of work has been done, is currently being done, and needs to get done.

My website and blog are in the process of getting a styling pass.  I'm currently working on my photographer friend's website as well, and even fixed up the DGPX website so those who had worked on it won't be ashamed to link to it from their resumes.  See?  Here's a link to it!

On another note, I've been much inspired in working on Modus Operandi because I really love the science and psychology behind murder, mysteries, and forensics.  I've been bothering the design and concept team a lot to make sure they keep the science true in the game.

Other than work (and on a much less professional level), I had taken my ten year old dog to the veterinarian office on Friday.  She hasn't been doing too well recently.  Unfortunately, my baby has been diagnosed with diabetes.  I just hope she's still around when I graduate.  Good luck, Angel.