Tessa Lee: Technical Artist

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hear ye!

So I've been pretty busy with my work lately.  As you can plainly see, my blog had gotten a style pass similar to my website.  And guess what?

My website has finally been updated!  I feel it looks cleaner and more professional.  There's a few odd looking buttons (I personally don't like those arrow buttons in the portfolio gallery, but I can always change them).

There's still a few missing content pieces where I've got placeholders, but they should all be finished by September.

Aside from that, Modus Operandi is coming along nicely, I figured out that weird issue with Pretend's back button with the help of Patricia Huettel, and I'm thinking about making a little menu for Camel Ship before I make it downloadable (something that gives the rest of the team's names in the credits and whatnot).

Don't forget about portfolio review on September 13th, and now I've got the graduation ceremony's date too!  I'll be walking at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh on Friday, June 14th, 2013.  Yeah, while that's like... an entire year away, so no excuses for missing it!