Tessa Lee: Technical Artist

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Save Before the Boss Battle

Although I haven't posted on here in about a month, I've not been idle!  I've been doing some reworking on Pretend, my website, and the newest project called Modus Operandi.

Portfolio Review is in just a few short weeks, and my mother (who's much better than me at carpentry) is helping me build and assemble my portfolio booth (actually, I'm more or less watching and sometimes holding something, she's the real deal).  At any rate, I spent Sunday and Monday at my mother's house, and it's quite a fun project.  Here's some fun photos of the project in progress (more pictures available on my Facebook)
A rough 3D model I made of  my portfolio booth I imagined (this was done back in December of  last year).  A keyboard and mouse is currently missing from the model.

My mother is measuring the board for where the monitor will poke through.

My mother and her cat, Squeakers, work diligently together on the hinges.

Pictured Above:  How not to use a saw.

The front base has the hole cut out to hold the lower monitor.

The stand is almost complete!

The skeleton for the stand is finished and ready for the next step.

I'll be visiting my mother in my hometown again next weekend.  We'll be sanding out the boards and painting them with Gesso, and then finally wrapping them in fabric for the big finish.

Looks like I'll need to design a banner or something with my name on it.  We'll see what looks good once the base fabric is on.

On another note, I've gotten 500 business cards printed out!  They have a glossy finish too.

My phone number has been blurred out for obvious reasons.  I also cleaned up the background in Photoshop because it was an ugly napkin, ha!

So keep the Portfolio Review date in your minds!  It's September 13th!