Tessa Lee: Technical Artist

Monday, August 27, 2012


So the booth had a concept, was measured and constructed from plywood, and now the fabric has been bought and mostly applied.  There's still some things that need to be done, such as creating the anchor in the back of the monitor that hangs on top, a banner with my name (and maybe my logo, it hasn't even been designed yet), and the cutting of the fake, red velvet to place neatly along the top and sides.

Other than that, fixing up my missing website pieces (portfolio thumbnails and missing videos) are my next priority!  My first demo reel will be available this Wednesday.  But, avast ye; here are some updated photos of the portfolio booth thus far:

Pictured above:  How not to use a staple gun (my mother and Tammy).
My mother and our friend, Tammy, had gone to the local Jo-Anne Fabric's store on Saturday and was working right outside their front door to rush in getting the base, gray fabric all tight and stapled onto each board.  We needed to make sure we had enough materials, hence being right outside their doors.

I'm screwing in the hinges of the left wing onto the back base.
After all of the gray fabric was stapled on and I bought a large amount of fake, red velvet fabric, I strapped the portfolio stand to the roof of my car, we traveled back home to Pittsburgh, where I reassembled the pieces in my bedroom.

The reassembled portfolio booth after being covered in fabric.
Personally, I think I did an okay job for not being able to see the lines.

The portfolio as it stands now (as of this post, of course).
The decorative fabric, tassels, and whatnot haven't been fully decided yet, but that's where the project leaves off this weekend and will continue onto the next!