Tessa Lee: Technical Artist

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Preparing for the Portfolio Show

All this week, I'll been preparing for the Portfolio Show for Thursday and making sure I have everything I wanted to give away ready.  For starters, my custom pens arrived early this morning:

They're the twisting kind so you don't stab yourself in the pockets.
I also had gotten most of the printing done on yesterday (all except for the DVD labels that I had to go home and fix in Photoshop).  But this is essentially what I will be giving away!

Custom pens in my custom mug, DVD demo reels that include a resume insert, business card, and the DVD with a custom label and case cover.  You can find a total of five logos on a single DVD give-away.
I also got a really sexy logo printed that I'll be cutting out to display at the top of my booth:

Sexy logo by Catzi Lacerenza.
Wish me luck!