Tessa Lee: Technical Artist

Monday, October 8, 2012

First Breath in the Real World

I haven't posted a blog in a while, but I sure have not been idle.  I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science last month and I'm definitely showing it off!  I've been keeping up with Twitter and Facebook  with the more daily and weekly news in my professional life, but I think I've collected enough to warrant a blot post.

I received an email from a previous instructor, Jon Amakawa, the night of the Portfolio Show regarding a contract job for Columbia University of New York, NY.  I accepted the job, of course, and it's practically finished already.  I'm waiting on feedback from the client regarding the files I sent them.  I hope they like the progress!

I also recently signed a contract with Carnegie Learning in their collaboration with the students of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  This project isn't paid, but they want to create educational Flash games (which uses my personal favourite language, AS3) for students of various ages.  This connection may provide job opportunities for students or myself in the future.  Regardless, it will look nice on my portfolio page.

Alongside that project, I'm still available to 7th Level Studios as a Consultant for their newest project, Modus Operandi.  While my work there was nearly finished, there is still more to be done and I'm not the type to just leave a team hanging.  You can watch the progress for Modus Operandi on their blog.

Oh, and I'm not done yet.

I also signed up to be a Pet Care Professional in my free time with Grand Paws Pet Sitting and Home Cleaning.  You can email them for services at GrandPawsPetSitting@yahoo.com or visit their website at www.GPPetSitters.com.  You can also call them at (412) 400-4531.  Not only do they visit your pet, but there are sitters available as a pet taxi service that can provide transportation for you and your pet to the veterinarian, airport, and other locations.  I have a diabetic dog to take care of at home, so the well-being of my little girl is important to me.

But wait, one more!

Today I joined with Olopezo, Inc. to work on developing their latest Kickstarter project, Double Life: Music.  We're creating an online, social networking game for musicians and music fans all over the world.  Imagine Facebook, The Sims, and Rock Band being smashed together inside a browser or your mobile device.  This game is an innovative way for musicians to get their music heard, collect income, and even get record deals IN REAL LIFE through a video game!  You can check out the company website or Double Life: Music's Kickstarter page for more information on them.

Don't feel shy, pledge some money to help fund this project!