Tessa Lee: Technical Artist

Monday, January 7, 2013

Little Updates Here and There

Artificial Intelligence? I'm doing it right!

So I've been working on that Math Wonder game a lot lately.  I've got most of the functionality for the plants working, but it is time to start developing the behavior of the pests.  I first started with the bird.  Now I've made code to for the bird to find a garden plot with a plant, and to check and double check to see if it is already being eaten by another pest.  The bird flies down (in horror because it's not smooth yet, ha!) and lands on the plant.  So far, I haven't had two pests land on the same one since the double checking system, and it all works fine for a first prototype.

However, when I decided to go to bed, I was feeling kind of bummed.  I thought to myself, "wow, I'm totally faking AI.  I wish I could really program AI.  That'd be awesome."

I then took a moment to think about that word, artificial intelligence.  It's definition is practically faking intelligence.  So if I'm faking the fake intelligence, I must be doing it right!  I'm really programming AI.  I didn't feel so bad anymore.

Grand Paws Pet Sitting and Home Care

I've been diving really far into programming lately, and all of it has gotten my creative juices flowing.  I needed an outlet.  I currently work with Grand Paws as a Pet Care Professional, but their Facebook logo was so blurry, and (no offense) their website looked like something my mom would have designed for them when she was into the glittering doll graphics phase (the ones that were like a digital version of paper dolls with changeable outfits).

Regardless, I've taken it upon myself to redesign their logo and website to help give them a more professional appeal to potential clients.  So last night, I came up with this:

Julie, our coordinator in Arizona, liked it and will be transitioning to use it on their documents and company profile photos.  You can visit their website at www.GPPetSitters.com.  I'm currently working on creating wire-frames for the website, but I won't be showing them to anyone anytime soon!