Tessa Lee: Technical Artist

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Save The Garden (Alpha Version 0.8)

Play testing time for Save The Garden!

You have 90 seconds to get the most amount of points possible. This game is still in the alpha stage, so almost all of the graphics are still in development. You'll be seeing wire-frames of the game.

Click a wheel (blue circle) to start changing the sprinkler's tilt angle or the water pressure. Roll the mouse wheel, arrow keys, or WASD to "roll that wheel" to increase/decrease the value of whatever wheel you're on.

You gain points for watering the plants, and you lose them if a pest eats it. The red "target" zone shows where the water is hitting in the garden.

Critiques Please!
I'd like to know the timing of things. Should the pests take a longer time to eat the plant? Are things spawning at a decent rate? Do you have enough time to save a plant if a pest comes at it? Is it challenging enough? Is anything getting stuck? Etc. Etc.

I suck at playing games, so I'm not sure if it's too challenging for everybody, or just me. If you don't have much to say on the game, at least tell us your score!

Click Here to Play Save The Garden.
Keep in mind that the webpage you're going to will continue to update the version of this game as it progresses in development. This post refers to the specific Alpha version of 0.8. If you're unsure what version you're playing, refresh the page until you see it on the bottom left of the game's screen.